California Association of Health Insuring Organizations


Structure Board of Directors Administrative Committee Standing Committees


Board of Directors The Board of Directors is composed of the Chief Executive Officers of each of the six member plans. The chairmanship of the board rotates on an annual basis among the six directors. The Board functions to set Association policy, approve its annual budget, approve any contracts the Association may enter into, and serve as the sole legal representative of the Association. The Board meets on a quarterly basis.

Administrative Committee — One representative from each member plan serves on this committee, which manages the day-to-day operations of the Association. The Administrative Committee oversees the internal affairs of the Association by serving as the executive committee of the Association’ standing committees. It also oversees the Association’s external affairs, which includes promoting any legislative positions of the Board of Directors, tracking legislative activity, public affairs, and interaction with trade associations and state agencies.

Standing Committees In addition to the Administrative Committee, there are currently twelve standing committees of the Association: Medical Directors; Health Services, Health Education, Pharmacy, Provider Services, Member Services, Management Information Systems, Claims, Finance, Human Resources, Administrative Services, and Compliance. The standing committees are the primary means of interaction to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of member plans operations. The committees meet quarterly, or as needed.


Board of Directors

Robert S. Freeman
Chief Executive Officer, CenCal Health

Michael Schrader
Chief Executive Officer, CalOptima Health Plan

Alan McKay
Executive Director, Central California Alliance for Health

Maya Altman
Executive Director, Health Plan San Mateo

Jack Horn
Chief Executive Officer, Partnership HealthPlan of California

Ruth Watson
Interim Chief Executive Officer, Gold Coast Health Plan

Administrative Committee

Danita Carlson
Director of Governmental Affairs, Central California Alliance for Health

Guillermo Gonzalez
Director of Government Affairs, Gold Coast Health Plan

Khoa Nguyen
Governmental Affairs and Business Development Director

Robert Layne
Director of Government and Public Affairs, Partnership HealthPlan of California

Julie Bomgren
Senior Manager of Government Affairs, CalOptima Health Plan

Michael Harris
Director, Government Affairs, CenCal Health

Top Structure Board of Directors Administrative Committee Standing Committees